Note for Windows users, if the VSTi plugin is not recognized*  you may
need to go to
Select Language: the language of your Windows 10, download and install
Visual C++ Redistributable Packages, for Visual Studio 2012.

*This may happen with Sinmad or Sinnah VST2 in Windows VST Hosts.

Anybody can freely download the demo versions (trials) from this website.
Those trial plugins cannot be authorized.
Once you buy a NUSofting plugin you will receive a download link to the ‘full version’, which is NOT copy protected:
no needs for serial numbers, key files, etc…
We trust in your sensible behavior toward illegally shared software.
You can share the same ‘full version’ you bought in all computers you personally own and use:
from two to five computers is a reasonable number of copies you can make of the NUSofting installer.

Usually they can’t save presets, neither can save the plugin state in the host (DAW).
Some of them also have time limit per session. This means you need to reload the demo plugin after about 20 minutes to play it again.

For EMM Knagalis only, the instruments sample set is also reduced in the demo version.
The full Knagalis has more ‘instruments’.

Most of the old plugins, like ComboSister, HarpTime, Microrock Pro,  BDM, Prima Delay, are temporarily suspended because currently we don’t have time to upgrade them to the latest operative systems*.
They may come back or not. Anyway if you have any question about them or you purchased a licence You can still write us via support
and we will reply.
*Note that the 32-bit VST Windows versions still work on Windows 10, assuming your DAW can run 32-bit plugins. Therefore if you are really interested in an old NUSofting product you can ask directly for a copy.

The latest macOSs are very ‘protective’ and use sandboxing. The NUSofting installer may in some cases fail to setup the AU plugin properly. You just need to write us using the support page.
Within about 48 hours, we will help you to reinstall the NUSofting AU so that it’s recognized.

With the new website we have the user account feature,
there was no user account in the previous website.

Anyway I have local files of all past customers so I know
who bought what. E.G. if you need additional downloads or other info.

You may create a new account now and ask me to add your previously purchased plugins as download.
Any new purchase will ask you to create an account.

If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, submit a support request and we’ll get back to you.