Laugh Line

“Laugh Line” is a monophonic glissando drone synthesizer,
which is not a Theremin emulation.
So I call this a “gesture drone synth”, you can play it with
mouse, touch (pad/screen), keys, or (when hosted in a DAW)
by automating its sliders. No MIDI input, but it features an optional
audio input.

The aim is to cover a wide area of sound effects:
mammoth barriths, unidentified birds, unusual cetaceans, vintage UFOs,
extraterrestrial laughing monsters, singing gnomes, sirens and
mermaids, weird techno risers and downers, psychedelic voices, ancient
sci-fi movie sounds and so on.

1)The speed you apply while moving the “Power” slider changes the the
pitch behavior, if one the jumping “Mode” is active.
2) When the XY pad is active : the square cursor is flashing, you can
use the PC keyboard arrows keys (up/down/left/right) to move the square
cursor in quantized steps.

You can watch the video or download the freebie, which is a standalone
version for Windows OS.

After your feedback and comments, if any, I will release,
for Win64 to start with, the VST3 plug-in of “Laugh Line”,
priced at 15.00 Euro