Drum Modelling

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    • The one I’m working on right now, using 2D waveguide modelling for percussion.
      I don’t have a GUI to show yet, I will add some images as I start to finalize the design of the interface.

    • Thanks for the feedback, please notice that modelling instruments using only math is an intensive job, especially if one wants precise emulation of complex sounds. For this reason my percussion models are not ready yet for timpani (as in orchestra) , since they have a very peculiar complex tone.
      Where conga, timbale and cowbell are more simple in term of timbre.

      The cabasa and the guiro are not hard to emulate, anyway it’s another family as they are not membranes or plates. Anyway I got a guiro sound tweaking the cymbals model.
      Currently I’m still experimenting with my models possibilities. I will upload more audio examples soon.

    • Hi Stefan, I could make models for pitched percussion like handpan or marimba, so far I’m focusing on unpitched percussion. The Hang Drum is surely a great instrument, but I think that things like congas or snares has more common used (commercially speaking), and I also love all African and Brazilian percussion. Cheers.

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