daHornet bis VSTi 64-bit


VST2  64 bit




“daHornet bis” is a brand new version of the daHornet famous soft

This new edition [ a VSTi for Windows x64 so far],
features a larger, more readable GUI, a filter selector for the VCF:
1) Vintage (the original daHornet filter)
2) Dirty (more aggressive than the “Vintage” one)
3) Precise (ZDF filter with extended lows and sweet tuneable tone)

Moreover a speaker-like saturator as been added, a post-effect.
As UX enhancement the “repeat” function of the envelopes can
now be toggled using the two led buttons.
There are 770 presets available, maximum 128 at a time in memory.

(100% ‘daHornet bis’ sounds)

The old daHornet for Mac is still for sale.




Fixed_daHornet_bis_Extra_Presets Download manual PDF.daHornet_bis_Docs No demo plug-in is available for daHornet bib. We guarantee a full refund if it will not work on your computer.    


FAQ #Q. Why should I buy "daHornet bis" when I have the previous daHornet already? Because "daHornet bis" has a more powerful and flexible filter (VCF) and a larger more readable GUI. Also it's more stable on Windows x64. #Q. Why I should not buy "daHornet bis"? Because you use only macOS computers, "daHornet bis" is so far a VSTi for Windows x64 only. #Q. Can I upgrade or side-grade to "daHornet bis"? No, I choose to keep the asking price as low as possible (9 euros) to avoid complications with cross-offers. #Q. Can I download a demo (trial version) of "daHornet bis"? No, again to keep the price low, still you can ask a refund within two weeks. An e-mail, telling that it doesn't work for you, will be enough to receive a full refund. #Q. Can I load my previous daHornet VST presets in this? Yes, they are compatible. #Q. Does "daHornet bis" need a serial number or other authorizations? No, once you downloaded you copy of "daHornet bis" just read the daHornet_bis_Docs.pdf, install it and play. #Q. Will you release "daHornet bis" for macOS as well? Possibly yes, but it depends on the number of a actual requests. You can send a request using the contact form at nusofting.com, You may also add a propaedeutic donation for that, using https://paypal.me/nusofting The old daHornet for Mac is still for sale.