Peti SA


Innovative physical modeling synthesis

VST2 64 bit

AU VST2 64 bit



dask Peti SA skin
Example of alternative custom theme. You can color the interface the way you want.

Peti SA is a unique VSTi and AU instrument that  emulate the sounds of the Harmonium,
using custom hybrid FM synthesis technology .
Harmonium is a member of the Reed Organ family, also known as “pump organ”.
Peti SA can also produce sweet  accordion sounds.

The Harmonium in its smaller form is widely used in north Indian music and, as derivation, in pop and rock music as well, for its full and sweet sound.


peti sa


Saving presets and saving with project is disabled in the demo. Peti_SA-Demo  Peti_SA-Demo This Mac Demo has not yet been updated for Monterey macOS, though the full AU version has, you get it when you buy. Trouble installing? Please read the FAQ

Main Controls

Peti SA layout

Demo Songs


1.0 Windows 1.1 Mac (installer update)