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Eugene-Filter Free (Audio Effect)
64 bit VST3 VST2


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Warning this is the FREE version with limited features of Eugene Filter

Eugene Filter Free

Eugene Filter is an audio effect plug-in (VST2 and VST3 and AU) with a completely new
type of low-pass filter. of low-pass filter, technically a Cascaded
Integral Comb (CIC) ladder. ladder), with self-oscillating
characteristics similar to those of many VCFs found in virtual analogue
synthesizers, but with a wider spectrum of resonances.

NUSofting’s CIC ladder filter has a unique character; it’s airy and
resonant, like a voice. Feed it the input of your choice
and the amplitude-controlled noise generated by the plug-in itself, add
a bit of chorus chorus (also in the plug-in) and you can get new sounds
from any source.

The CIC filter can also be replaced (by a switch) with a typical
24dB/octave ladder analogue low-pass filter** emulation. This gives you
two low pass options.

Features {for this FREE version}:

    • Two resonant low-pass filters to choose from.
    • A noise generator and a stereo chorus.
    • The whole plugin is fully stereo, two audio channels.
    • Gain controls: input, output wet and dry.

Check the full Eugene Filter here

PDF: Tips and info about Eugene-Filter controls
(Traduzione in italiano inclusa nel PDF)

Video Demo

Video Demo Set 1: Eugene Filter Free and not Free : Guitar. No Talk  

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