Eugene Filter : Audio Effect


Eugene-Filter (Audio Effect – VST 64-bit Windows)
64 bit VST3 VST2




NUSofting presents Eugene Filter, the Fertile Audio Tools #1 (FATs 1).

Eugene Filter can turn simple pad sounds into ever-changing spacious
textures. Also drums and percussion can also be creatively enhanced.
Many types of Auto-Wah effects are available for your guitar tones.
Adjustable pink noise and the built-in saturation give you the most
interesting colours.

Eugene Filter is an audio effect plug-in (VST2 ,VST3, AU, Standalone) with a completely new
type of low-pass filter. of low-pass filter, technically a Cascaded
Integral Comb (CIC) ladder. ladder), with self-oscillating
characteristics similar to those of many VCFs found in virtual analogue
synthesizers, but with a wider spectrum of resonances.

NUSofting’s CIC ladder filter has a unique character; it’s airy and
resonant, like a voice. Feed it the input of your choice
and the amplitude-controlled noise generated by the plug-in itself, add
a bit of chorus chorus (also in the plug-in) and you can get new sounds
from any source.

The CIC filter can also be replaced (by a switch) with a typical
24dB/octave ladder analogue low-pass filter** emulation. This gives you
two low pass options.


  • Two resonant low-pass filters to choose from.
  • Envelope follower (which tracks the input level).
  • “Random Walk” LFO modulates the filter frequency from very slow sweeps to fast turbulence.
  • A noise generator and a stereo chorus.
  • The whole plugin is fully stereo, two audio channels.
  • Gain controls: input, output wet and dry.

The envelope follower and the ‘Random Walk’ LFO allow  extensive modulation possibilities.

The scalable interface allows you to
set the size most comfortable for you view, and the on-screen tooltips
will help you to learn the Eugene Filter parameters as you use it.

PDF: Tips and info about Eugene-Filter controls
(Traduzione in italiano inclusa nel PDF)

Tech specifications:
PC: VST2,  VST3 Windows 64-bit.  [Standalone app included]
Mac : Audio Unit, VST2,  VST3  [Standalone app included]
(minimum supported version for  the Mac AU are Logic and Garageband 10+)

No copy-protection:
Buy it once and you can do what you want* with it.
(*on the computers your personally own)


**The “transistor ladder” uses some of the  solutions
as written in 2012 by Teemu Voipio on

Audio And Video Demos

Guitar! ( You prefer synths? Check the video at bottom)   Check this video for an extensive demo on a synth pad sound. Get to the end of it to hear how Eugene sings!


There is a free version of Eugene Filter, please download that to check the compatibility with your computer set up and to evaluate the sound of the audio filters featured in this plug-in.